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Camstar Ingredients Ltd was formed in June 2012, bringing together Edward Starke's wealth of experience in wet ingredients preparation and Steve Clemenson's in depth knowledge of herb, spice and seasoning production.
Mission and Vision Statement
We are a dedicated team of people committed to meeting and exceeding the high demands of our trade partners and consumers through exceptional market understanding, superior customer service and inspirational product development

Latest News

Our Latest Aquisition

Camstar Ingredients Operations director Steve Clemenson is pleased to announced that the Dry division now has an additional smaller blender.

The U trough blender has a capacity of 100Kg. making it suitable for batch sizes down to 50Kg. Steve explains that...
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Camstar At The European Spice Association

Once again Camstar are making their prescence felt at the General Assembly of the European Spice Association. Here's CEO Ed Starke representing as at the main event in Berlin.

Ed was accompanied by Sales Manager Tracey Clark.

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